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    And anonymity tasks smoothly and easily on Windows. 
  • Scupper is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.
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Get Scupper for all your devices

Scupper offers user-friendly software interface for all major operating systems.

How to set up scupper in windows

Scupper app for Windows takes only a few moments to set up and is incredibly easy to use.


Install And Open

Install the scupper exe file, and once the scupper app is installed on your windows, search for 'scupper' in start menu and run it.


Login using QR code

Now click on 'continue' button. After that, open Scupper App on your Android/iOS app and go to "Account > Linked Devices > Scan QR Code" and then just scan QR code.


You’re all set. That was easy, huh?

Here we go. Now everything is fully set up. You can enjoy scupper's unique and amazing features on your windows system.

Why choose the Scupper app for Windows?

Scupper offers many powerful, advanced, and unique features.


We believe that privacy and security are fundamental human rights. We provide our services to you with high encryption. We never store any of your very personal information. Its YOUR DATA, YOUR RULE. Any data we store is very highly encrypted, so your passwords and confidential data stays safe. We never track you or privately sell your data. It


Our goal is to provide Privacy and Security to all. We also provide a free version of our service so to make sure the fundamental human rights of privacy and security remain accessible to all. If you would like to get the maximum advantage, please consider upgrading to premium plans.


The journey of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security requires Advanced and Powerful tools. We create unique and advanced tools which are very powerful to help you in Anonymity, Ethical Hacking and OSINT.


Even the best tools are not so good if they are not understandable. We have made our services and interface as much simplified and as user friendly as possible. Our interface is set up in such a way that it reduces your work-so that it can make your job easier with maximum privacy. However if you still get stuck anywhere, we explain all terms used in our tools.


We make sure to remain up-to- date with technology, so the trust you show do not go in vain. The services we provide are always updated frequently. Moreover, our Automation System works in background to automatically update all the tools and to provide work synchronization.